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We're a Team

As a community nursery, we believe that all parents should have an opportunity to participate in their child’s education. Home and nursery become one cohesive world when children, parents, and key persons work collaboratively at creating a community of learners. To accommodate the varying needs of our Little Leaders families, we offer flexible sessions with half-day and full-day programs.

At Little Leaders, we offer an open-door policy to encourage parents to speak to us regarding any concerns you may have. We are committed to working together to resolve any problems or worries about your child.

We have regular parent meetings and send out termly updates on your child’s learning and development.


Safe and Sound

Little Leaders is committed to providing an environment where children can play, learn, develop and achieve and where they are safeguarded and are enabled to tell or communicate if they are being harmed in some way.

We are committed to ensuring that all practitioners are sensitive to issues of race, culture, gender and diversity but these issues should never be a barrier to sharing and reporting concerns about children.

All practitioners regularly undergo safeguarding training and have an up to date DBS check.


All About Learning

At Little Leaders, we believe early years is all about discovery and learning. Children should be in charge of their own learning “Child-led learning”, a path that they find interesting. We, as early educators provide endless provocations to facilitate great play and learning. Immersing children in exploratory play, giving them the tools to develop their skills independently – with a watchful eye and interjecting with questions and discussion.

We ensure that our nursery meets the learning and development requirements outlined in the revised Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) as well as incorporating certain aspects of the international early years approaches. Children are offered a broad and well-rounded education.

Inspired by the Scandinavian approach to learning, we place great emphasis on the outdoors. We offer ‘free flow’ learning where children can choose to learn outdoors or inside for most of the day. Forest School sessions will be on offer to every child soon.

We highly value the arts and take much inspiration from the Reggio Emelia approach to learning. Children are seen as artists and can express themselves through dance, drama, painting, clay and open-ended resources.

Our nursery rooms offer homes to small pets, throughout the year, including a tortoise, hatching of eggs to chicks and children engaging and learning the metamorphosis process of the caterpillars to butterflies. This provides children with everyday contact and joy with the world of nature.
Little Leaders includes structured activities and free play for individuals and groups of children. Our aim is:

  • To inspire a love of learning through a creative curriculum offering breadth, depth and enrichment.
  • To offer learning by doing, and are given an array of open-ended materials so they can creatively explore their world.
  • To develop an appreciation for our natural environment.
  • To provide a firm foundation that equips each child with the skills and passion for lifelong learning.

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